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[[[sport##]]!!!] Live stream: Sri Lanka vs. Ireland 24 April 2023

Solid forward defenceJayasuriya to Dockrell, no rungood length on off, goes back and punches this straight to short coverJayasuriya with a change of endsend of over 525 runs IRE: 160/8CRR: 3. 07 George Dockrell27 (46b 5x4)Mark Adair21 (26b 3x4)Ramesh Mendis 19-1-72-3Dhananjaya de Silva 3-0-10-0In-play betting with bet365. Bet Now Mendis to Dockrell, 1 rungoes back and across to this length ball and works it off the hips for one through midwicketMendis to Dockrell, FOUR runsLofted down the ground! Tossed up outside off, and Dockrell closes the face on this drive but still gets it hard and straight enough to find the boundaryMendis to Dockrell, no rungood length outside off, turning in.

Dharmasena took his time, and in the end he was spot on, as this shows three reds. George Dockrell lbw b RTM Mendis 32 (54b 6x4 0x6 64m) SR: 59. 25Mendis to Adair, 1 runtossed up on off, driven down to long-offMendis to Adair, no rungood length, pitches on leg and spins past the stumps. Left by the batterMendis to Dockrell, 1 runshort of a length outside off, turning in. Gets back and across and whips this to deep square once moreMendis to Adair, 1 runshort, turning in towards middle. Pulled to deep square for oneend of over 534 runs IRE: 164/8CRR: 3. 09 George Dockrell31 (52b 6x4)Mark Adair21 (26b 3x4)Prabath Jayasuriya 24-6-56-2Ramesh Mendis 19-1-72-3In-play betting with bet365.

Bet Now Jayasuriya to Dockrell, no runInduces the edge on the forward defence, with one that pitched on off and straightened, but this falls short of second slipJayasuriya to Dockrell, FOUR runsLifted straight of mid-off for four! This was tossed up enticing the drive, and Dockrell obliges. But he gets this lofted drive straight enough of the man at mid-off despite not quite getting the elevation he would've likedJayasuriya to Dockrell, no rungood length on off, forward defence to silly pointJayasuriya to Dockrell, no runtossed up outside off, 81kph, plants a front foot outside off and defendsJayasuriya to Dockrell, no rungood length, straighter.

Sri Lanka vs Ireland, Ireland in Sri Lanka, 1st Test Match ... ball by ball commentary, updates only on Check Sri Lanka vs Ireland 1st Test Videos, Reports Articles

David: "This is tough love for Ireland- it's a long way to Tipperary.. "Stephen: "Ben White seems to do better when he plays for Arsenal. " Took three days, but I'm glad someone finally made this reference. 3. 33pm So that's a record innings victory for Sri Lanka, as they take a 1-0 lead in this series, inside of three days. Prabath Jayasuriya takes the match ball with 10 wickets for the innings, adding three in the second to go with his seven in the first. Ramesh Mendis had the best innings figures second time around taking 4 for 76, and in the process equalled the record for the fastest Sri Lankan to 50 Test wickets, reaching it in 11 Tests but less innings than Dilruwan Perera.

And yup, the three reds confirms that Sri Lanka have won by an innings at 280 runs! Ben White lbw b Jayasuriya 1 (2b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 50end of over 544 runs • 1 wicketIRE: 168/9CRR: 3. 11 Ben White1 (1b)Mark Adair23 (29b 3x4)Ramesh Mendis 20-1-76-4Prabath Jayasuriya 24-6-56-2In-play betting with bet365. Bet Now Mendis to White, 1 runGood length outside off, straightens at takes the inside edge well to the left of short legGalen: "SL need to wrap this up for less than 194 to get a record winning margin for them. "MW: "9th wicket partnership of 35 a new record for Ireland! " Make that 36. Though considering this is just their 5th Test, feel like we'll be getting a whole host of such "new records". Mendis to Dockrell, OUTThinks long and hard, and eventually the finger goes up for LBW! Ireland review. This pitched outside off from around the wicket, and then spun back sharply past the inside edge on to the front knee roll.

Ireland fought in spells today, but the record will nevertheless show they lost 13 wickets in the day. Galle is a tough challenge for most sides, let alone one playing just their fifth Test, but the experience they take away from it will be invaluable. And they'll need it too, because they'll have to do it all again next week. Jayasuriya to White, OUTAnd that should be that! Ireland have reviewed this LBW, but it looked plumb. This pitched on middle and off on a good length, straightened and went past the outside edge on the forward defence, and struck the back pad right in front of off stump.

Sri Lanka vs Ireland live score Sri Lanka vs Ireland(2023/04/23) Live Score,Live

SL vs IRE Tests, Where To Watch Live: TV Channels & Sri Lanka will host Ireland for two Test matches starting April 16 – here's where to watch Sri Lanka v Ireland live, including TV

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